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The Late Great Neighborhood Nip

It took me a few weeks to write this article because I honestly didn’t know how to word my thoughts to explain my frustrations. I’ve sat and wondered many times Why did another father have to be taken away from his son, from his mother, father, daughter, brother, sister etc? When do we seek another way, or choose another route? I sat wondering what the killer may have thought? Did he think he was going to better himself out of this killing? Did pulling the trigger numerous times, while a man laid helpless and defenseless really make him feel powerful? Mind boggling thoughts right? It broke my heart to see a BLACK MAN take another BLACK MAN’s LIFE.. I mean come on.  You can’t call certain choices wanting better for yourself because nothing good comes out of it. You CAN’T, and I REPEAT CANNOT ELEVATE off EGO nor PRIDE. You ELEVATE with or when you gain KNOWLEDGE. I don’t mean just gaining knowledge by reading a book or going through a dictionary. I mean having knowledge of ones self.... What many of us are unaware of. That is where to me the term lost can be used. I for one know we must start speaking to one another more. It’s ok to greet someone respectfully. A simple “hello,”while passing. Or helping someone when you see them in NEED. Not just financially because knowledge is free. Guidance is free. STOP judging first. STOP expecting HATE first. STOP looking to become some one, that you are not and will never become. One thing I was taught by my mother is what’s meant for YOU is for YOU. It can never be taken from you. One thing we all have in common is life and the right to live. Everyone has their journey. The cycles must stop. The cycles of killings and senseless, pointless murders, much like that of Philanthropist, artist, rapper, voice, Nipsey Hussle. The mindsets of Men and Women like Eric Holder must cease. You will never elevate taking another man down. To only be in the place he was in, to have it then taken by your counterpart. Much like you took the previous. Where’s the Growth? Where’s living in that? There is none and many have died proving that point. We must highlight more love, loyalty, guidance, spirituality and the essence of life. Than that of disloyalty, drugs, abuse, division(gangs), which is teaching only death. We are stronger together, and when that is understood then, we will excel. I was unable to attend the funeral but like many others I definitely tuned in. I, myself, watched the funeral in its entirety as well as the procession, which lasted hours. I have to say I was completely drained by the night but I couldn’t stop engaging. I didn’t want to. This senseless murder as well as many others deserve attention. Nipsey Hussle was gunned down on March 31st at the young age of 33. Samiel Asghedom spoke during the funeral and spoke of a time where his brother began bringing home computer parts one day. Knowing his family was in need of a computer, Ermias Asghedom (Nipsey Hussle), set his mind to putting a computer together. Samiel ,15 at the time, said, it was a bit hard to believe it could be done. O fcourse, Ermias 12, at the time and being his younger he blew the idea off. Yet, Hussle persevered. "I could not believe this, he had built a computer," Samiel Asghedom said. "And it was working. I was amazed. It was mind-boggling." Though such a bright child. At the age of 15, Ermias dropped out of school. As Ermias grew up , living in Slauson, California he was drawn to the crip life. He also loved music which eventually led to influencers as Tupac, Snoop Dog, Jay Z, Dr. Dre and the list goes on many of them being from L.A. In the late 2000s Ermias began going by the name Nipsey Hussle the name which was derived from the late comedian Nipsey Russel. Below are some of Nipsey Hussle’s accolades listed. Nipsey Hussle became a quick mixtape favorite in the late 2000s with his mind blowing lyrics and street life insights.Starting with Slauson Boy which was released independently in 2005, getting him quickly recognized in the city of L.A. In 2008, Hussle released the first two installments in his Bullets Ain't Got No Name series of mixtapes, which helped to expand his name on a wider scale. He went on to feature on songs with Drake, Snoop Dog, YG and many more. In 2010-12, he released the marathon, the marathon continues and the marathon continues xtra lap. In 2010 he also left his label Epic Records. Which led to Hussle founding his own record label ''All Money In''. Man he owned, he owned, he owned. Honestly, I don't feel you have to know this man to clearly see he rapped about what he lived, and dreamed about what he achieved and was achieving. In 2013, he released Nip Hussle the Great and Crenshaw. In 2014-16, he released Mail box Money and Slauson Boy 2 and Famous Lies and Unpopular truths. In 2017, Nipsey Hussle and Real estate Agent David Gross launch co worker space and Stem center Vector 90. The center is partly, dedicated to drawing attention to the lack of diversity in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Nipsey also opened Marathon Clothing store along side partners Civil, Carless and brother Samiel Asghedom. Hussle also invested in the Marathon Agency being seen much as a silent partner. In 2018, he released his last and final album Victory Lap Ofcourse, I could not cover his whole life and honestly, who could ever cover someone’s life in its entirety. Though, I believe you get the drift. I wrote this blog in tribute to the late Great Nipsey Hussle and to also go through some of his accolades. I honestly wish I was going through them for a different reason, but let the Late Great Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Asghedom) Live On. Rest Easy KING WELL DONE,WELL DONE, WELL DONE. AGAIN, and FOREVER MAY THE MARATHON CONTINUE. Understand the movement.

''Double Up''


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