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Two Domestic Terrorist Attacks both within 13 hours of each other!!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

El Paso has long been both a cultural and political symbol of Hispanic Texas. Over the weekend there were two domestic terroristic Attacks Committed by Non Muslim people in two different U.S States but within 24hours of each other.

This was the scene outside El Paso Walmart near The Cielo Vista Mall

The first being 21 year old Male, White Supremist, Patrick Crusius of Allen, A suburb of Dallas.

Patrick Crusius entering the El Paso walmart

Crusius, walked into a crowded El Paso Walmart, on Saturday with a loaded rifle and ear guards and opened random fire. Crusius so far has murdered 22 people with 20 injured.

The suspect chose one of the largest cities on the US-Mexico border, a place central to the Trump administrations stance to make his statement of hatred with murder. Before the devastating killings of so far 22, the suspect released a manifesto on why he indeed committed his now offense.

The four-page document, titled "The Inconvenient Truth," was published on the online message 8chan about 20 minutes before the mass shooting.

Saturdays shooting in El Paso is at least the third atrocity this year where a suspect is believed to have posted to 8chan in advance of an attack. The four-page document posted online espouses white nationalist and racist views. It rails against immigrants and Hispanics, blaming immigrants and first-generation Americans for taking away jobs and for the blending of cultures in the US.

The disturbing four page Manifesto

8chan - is an online forum with few rules or monitored programming and where those with violent, racist and otherwise hateful views come together and can easily communicate, plan and clearly act out evil deeds. Most post are in direct violation of rules imposed by more mainstream social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Ofcourse, sites like Facebook and Twitter delete reported or offensive content. 8 Chan does not.

Creator of 8chan but no longer owner Frederick Brennan, has called for a shut down of the site. In a New York Times interview Brennan said, “It’s not doing the world any good.”

After his shooting rampage the suspect waited in the parking lot for police to show and surrendered to police "without incident," police spokesman Sgt. Robert Gomez told reporters. Crusius has now been charged with Capital Murder and is being held without bond according to court docs.

This is Cruisus comfortably leaving the planned mass shooting he had just committed. He was arrested unharmed and is clearly alive.

13 hours later

in Dayton, Ohio Nightclub strip

24 year old, white male, mass murderer now known as Connor Betts entered a night club with his sister and her companion Saturday the night of Aug 3rd. Early Saturday morning, Betts separated from them. Exiting the night club and leaving only to return around 12:13 am with tactical gear, a mask and armed with a .223-caliber high-capacity riflewith 100-round drum magazines.

Betts headed into a nightclub before being shot down by patrolling officers

Minutes later at 1:06 a.m. on Sunday, the first calls came into 911 to report the shooting.

This is mass shooter Connor Betts on Left with his you would think his loving sister Meagan Betts on right who he arrived with and murdered.

Megan Betts was shot and killed along with eight other people. Megan Betts is an interesting target because not only did he come with her, and her companion, that was also his sister.

The companion was wounded. Police said he was shot in the lower torso.

Police said Betts fired 41 shots in less that 30 seconds, before he was killed by officers who were in the area on patrol 30 seconds after he began shooting.

According to Connor Betts classmates on Twitter he loved violence, violent things and had also expressed his urge of wanting to commit mass shootings. Classmates of the gunman who killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio, say he was suspended years ago for compiling a “hit list” and a “rape list,” and questioned how he could have been allowed to buy the military-style weapon used in this weekend’s attack.

With that being said he was still able to go and purchase a high caliber rifle that was again able to murder 9 people in 30 seconds. In total, Betts had 250 rounds in his possession. Imagine if the police hadn’t been patrolling at the time.

Semi automatic used and bought by Connor Betts

Large capacity magazines enable shooters to fire repeatedly without having to reload.

At one point owning semiautomatic guns were illegal between the years 1994-2004, until the law expired and lawmakers conveniently failed to renew it. Now, they are legal in states without laws setting limits.

Nine states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws banning large capacity ammunition magazines sense the high surge of senseless mass shootings : California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont. All of these jurisdictions except Colorado and Vermont also ban assault weapons. Ohio of course not being one of those states. The Connecticut ban does not apply to large capacity magazines that were lawfully possessed before January 1, 2014, but lawful owners of such magazines must register them with the State Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection within a specified period.

This still image taken from the dayton street cam shows Betts being shot down and killed by cops. After shooting down 9

According to cnn and the law center Large capacity ammunition magazines are a common thread uniting and linking many of the high-profile mass shootings in America. Yet, nothing’s being done and nothing has been done across the U.S.

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