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Neo (far left),Marcus, Alix (middle).Jason (far right)

I first ran into these gentlemen when I received a call about a group of young Kings serving the community. They came into a local Kroger Grocery store, located on Wesley Chapel Rd, in Decatur, Ga, and paid for ALL the groceries of every individual who could make it through the lines before the 2hr time limit was up.

I had to see it!! I wanted to ask a few powerful questions that inspired me, when I saw them moving in such a POWERFUL MANNER.

They weren't asking for anything but to simply serve the community. I had to get an understanding of these brothers and of course ask for an interview!!

During the grocery store shoppers rush, I got a chance to briefly speak with Alix (Alix_goodenergy) Burton, Nehemiah Davis (Neodaviso), and Marcus Barney (Him500), to try and pick their brains and ask why they chose to do this.

Who were they?

Well, Lets do a quick introduction of the successful go getters...

Marcus Barney (@him500), 32, of Stockton, California, is the founder and CEO of Recession Proof Extreme, which is a multi-million dollar financial literacy program and credit specialist firm. This brother covers a plethora of lanes.

  • Teaching you how to clean your credit report in 14-60 days,

  • Teaching how to start your credit repair business as well as how to operate it!!

  • Scaling and automating trade line businesses up to $180,000 net per year.

  • How to obtain any vehicle for 6-12 months and only pay pennies.

For more information

Nehemiah Davis (@neodaviso), 31, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an award winning author of the book “Step into Greatness.” He is the Founder of the Nehemiah Davis Foundation which was started in 2007 by Davis and his mom. The Foundation has served over 60,000 homeless citizens, senior citizens, and youth from all parts of the world. He’s also sent over 60,000 bottles of water to the citizens of Flint Michigan due to the on going water crisis.

  • His entrepreneur skills are so advanced, they are being deemed serial.

  • Davis host ongoing web seminars that teach you how to find and own event spaces without paying for them yourself.

  • An award winning author of the books “Step into Greatness,” and “7 steps to turning your social media into a cash machine,”

  • Running his own podcast, which I would deem the name to be very fitting, “Accelerate 2 Great.”

For more information: or

Jason Lobdell (@mrtwoweeks), Born in Syracuse but raised in Atlanta, Ga, is prominent and well solidified Atlanta based celebrity trainer and all around entrepreneur.

  • Lobdell is the Owner and CEO of X28 Training, a 28-day online fitness challenge which consists of four program options. The program options are: Beginners, Intermediate, Xtreme, and Lower Body Blast. Each Challenge will help you lose weight while you tone up and burn fat in the most efficient manner. AGAIN, IN 28 Days whewww!. Mind you, no gym equipment is needed!! I know he’s a beast lol!!

  • Owner of The Loft Athletic Club- The Loft Athletic Club is a training facility that offers more than Personal Training, but Relief Therapy, as well as Chiropractic services. Jason Lobdell did not come to play. Not only are you going to work that butt off, you also get pampered afterwards. Sounds Good To me!!

  • Lobdell also has also founded a program for Future Entrepreneurs Committed To Flipping JUST $4,000 INTO A 6 FIGURE PROPERTY AND CAR RENTAL BUSINESS! Without Owning Any Property Or Any Vehicles! He is partnered with Airbnb and Turo.

For more information:

Alix Burton (@Alix_goodenergy) is the owner of the NUMBER ONE training portal in the transportation industry.

Let me further explain. In just over 7 years:

  • Burton has grown his trucking business to include a fleet of 12+ trucks so far.

  • A dispatch service masterclass that teaches you how to create a dispatch service ground up and have others work for you booking loads for you, all from home. He teaches the 6- points of communication on a load and how to do so organized end efficiently!

  • Also a consultation platform that offers courses as:

-Dispatch mastery course, and The complete trucking portal

  • All of which teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to start their own trucking company.

For more information:

When asking the name of their organization?

''They responded, " We are brothers that just decided to come together and do something for the community. We aren't a group or association. We are simply just BROTHERS who wanted to GIVE BACK. ''

Of course, with everything going on in the grocery store and moving fairly quickly as you can see below!

Shoutout to the Kroger associates that day as well, who were moving at a very fast pace. I would say of course more than usual.

I couldn't fully go in depth with my interview. At that time.

Greatly!! I met and further reached out to Qween Melody Fox, who is a Good Energy Worldwide Team member, and who I can say definitely has Dope energy and continued my interview.

Now Qweens and Kings lets CONTINUE!!

How did the idea of spending thousands of dollars come about, in this season of NEED?

The idea is an outgrowth of an already existing commitment to give back from the entrepreneurs. They wanted to do this particular giveback in a community that isn’t considered high income.

How did this experience and the ones like these you all have created, impact you or change your mindsets on how you view the world and the people in it ?

The cause of giving back is a model based on all the principals dealing with challenges in their lives at one point. They have navigated through not having a father in the home, being homeless, jobless or incarcerated. They each have a narrative of bouncing back from challenges, so they can relate to what struggle is. Now that they are in much better positions, they have a commitment to give back.

How does being able to positively impact your community, and people who look like you, inspire you?

I’m blessed to be a part of the Good Energy Worldwide Team (Trucking) because our students learn how to build generational wealth and make an impact/give back to others. Our exclusive online FB community for The Dispatch Mastery Course and The Complete Trucking Portal has students empowering each other along their course journey and after completion. —Melody Fox (Good Energy Worldwide Team Affiliate)

I also had the pleasure to quickly speak with Bryan Stinson, the Kroger store manager. I simply asked him while everything was going on, what made him jump on this task and allow these young man to come in and literally take over the store, stopping all possible order due to excitement?

Bryan replied: "The year prior, Tyler Perry had shut down the store anonymously and bought groceries all day for patrons." Stinson went on to say this," gestures like this help the community. A community which I am a part of living 10 mins, myself, down the street. These young men came in and talked to me and said; look we want to come in shut down the store for a few hours and pay for everyone's groceries." They came in prepared, knowing what they wanted to do and executed it. Another store manager and I allow things like this to happen all the time. Why? Because its all out of GOOD GRACES."

Each of you seem to have a wonderful rapport

and respect for each other. It was super dope to see Young Kings doing BUSINESS TOGETHER, WORKING TOGETHER, showing the game things can be done better, together.

Also on a much elevated level, If we do not have the Crab in a Bucket" mentality.

Crabs in a bucket- 5 crabs are in a bucket, every time one crab reaches the top. The next crab links on and pulls it back down. They could easily climb out one by one and help the other out once they are out first, or even climb on top of each other working together. Instead they continuously, as soon as one crab reaches the top the other crabs try to link and pulls it back down on their level with them.

Hence where the idea “The Crabs In a Bucket Mentality,'' came from!!”

We are Better Together!!

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