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Kanye West Turns $53 million in debt into a $1 billion Adidas Yeezy’s Empire!!

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Kanye West turns Adidas Yeezy Shoes into a $1 Billion Dollar Empire. The rapper and business men claimed to be $53 million dollars in debt back in 2016. Due to him following his dreams in Fashion. Now his partnership with adidas made in 2013, is scheduled to bring in a racking $1.5 billion in sales by the end of 2019 and the numbers are still growing. According to Forbes, West himself is scheduled to bring in a grossing amount of $150 million of pretaxed money. No not a billion dollars he’s still partnered up.

A pre-tax deduction- is money you remove from an employee's wages before you withhold money for taxes.

So in other words money that hasn’t had any deductions from taxes. It also reduces the amount of income that the employee has to pay taxes on.

Kanye West now ranks number 3 on Forbes Top 10 highest Earning entertainers. Number 2 being his sister in law Kylie Jenner with $170 million and Number 1 Taylor Swift with a grossing $185 million.

Kanye’s has been called literally everything in the book from devil worshipper, to thinking he’s a God, to bi polar, and psychotic. One thing he should be called is creative and possibly a creative genius, because clearly he is a major creative influence. With that being said, West will be releasing New Adidas Yeezy Boost 700s coming this Fall. Price range varies from 200 up. Keep making lucrative money moves Mr. West!

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