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Gas Prices Spike 14.6 percent in One Day which hasn’t happened In over 30 years...

The red boxes were the targeted areas
Photo of the Damage Done to Saudi Aramaco photo taken by NY Times photo

There was an attack on the worlds largest oil processing facility, (located in Saudi Arabia) in the world which of course you can tell is hitting many.

The strikes, which U.S. officials have said involved at least 20 drones and several cruise missiles, forced Saudi Arabia to shut down half its oil production capacity, or 5.7 million barrels per day of crude — 5% of the world's global daily oil production.

Crude oil production- is defined as the quantities of oil extracted from the ground after the removal of inert matter or impurities.

According to Cnn, Saudi and US investigators have determined that the attack on the largest oil facility was launched from an Iranian base, according to satellite images released of the damage of the oil spill. Unfortunately, these allegations have been made with little evidence. The way the Saudi facilities have been hit by missiles had to come from the direction of the north or northwest. Which Iran is located.


Who claimed the attach?


Houthi rebels in Yemen, quickly came forward to announce that they were the ones who had launched drones against the Saudi facilities. The Houthis have conducted numerous drone attacks inside Saudi Arabia in the past, but there are a number of reasons to question their latest claim. Mainly being because most of there attacks weren’t as precise or accurate as those were on the Saudi Facilities.

Gas is scheduled to rise as high as 10-25 cents a gallon. Yep, hurry and fill your tank up before gas rises any higher. You May want to try and keep above half a tank. Hey it’s easier to do that than fill it whole.

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