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Colorism, Discrimination, Racism, What's the difference?

Activism is my rent for living on this planet.

-Alice Walker

Alice Walker is an African American award winning writer, novelist, storyteller, and poet. Walker is also the first African American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for fiction with her novel The Color Purple, and the National Book Award for hardcover fiction. The Color Purple was also turned into one of my families favorite films directed by Steven Spielberg. This beautiful soul is also known for her avid work in the civil rights and feminist movements. Working to fight against injustices and inequalities. One thing that she taught was the wonders of life and how you should love what you do. Walker in 1982 is also known for coining the term Colorism.


Colorism defined by Alice Walker to mean the prejudicial or preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color.”

In other words colorism can simply be you going in for a job but they don't go with you because they are looking for a lighter toned individual.


Your picture being taken for a photo shoot but than is lightened from your natural skin tone to a more favorable color.


One of the biggest arguments in the black community are light skin vs dark skin. Light skin does it better or dark skin men will cheat etc. Or team light skin, team dark skin. These are all forms of colorisms and ways of staying divided.


DISCRIMINATION defined by is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, sex, or even age.

In other words discrimination is being treated unfairly, singling out or being bias of someone based off of their skin color, sexual orientation , religion, race, age or disability.. Big word with a heavy meaning. Discrimination can happen in many forms. In this case Direct discrimination happens when applying for housing, loans, jobs and even job promotions as well and being denied or looked over even if your accolades are outstanding, because of your complexion, or ethnicity.

Indirect Discrimination- is when there's a practice, policy or set or rules that will apply to everyone, in the same ways equally. Yet, the punishment is harsher on some people than others.

Examples of Indirect Discrimination:

A black man has been arrested for a crime, the same as his white counterpart yet he is given a harsher sentence.


Prohibiting certain hairstyles in the work place. For an example banning locs, braids or conrows is indirect racial discrimination.

Racism? Does Racism Actually Exist ?

First of all at this point and time in life no-one should actually even be asking this question. Literally because racism has risen to major heights.

Racism defined by -

is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race

based on the belief that ones own race is superior.

One of the greatest examples known to men of this definition is slavery.

Besides watching the news, paying attention to the media you can see many forms of racism or examples of racism or explanations of it in films as Blackkklansman, django, Get Out, The Help, even Hidden Figures. Great films depicting the lives lived of racially discriminated people and their journeys to overcome, or try to overcome.

The 2010 census showed that the United States population on April 1st 2010, was 308.7 million. Out of this total population 38.9 million or 13 percent of the population identified as black only no mix. 3.1 million people, or 1 percent identified as a combination of black with one or more other races.

According to huffington post 1 of every 4 African American males born this decade can expect to go to prison in his lifetime, despite the fact that the Census Bureau reports that the U.S. is 13 percent Black, 61 percent white and 17 percent Latino.

Now there are about 800,000 African Americans in jails and prisons: 538,000 in prisons, and over 263,000 in local jails. Black men are nearly 6 times as likely to be incarcerated as white men and Hispanic men are 2.3 times as likely, according to the Sentencing Project. Racism is one of the biggest crimes in the criminal justice system. Also another form of slavery.

Racism has been programmed and taught through texts books denying inventions by or of black people. Claiming those same inventions as there own which of course creates certain stereotypes. Being taught in schools of one race over many others as if one is more superior to another, again programmed and taught early on. The healthcare system is built on racist policies and procedures. Black women are dying at an alarming rate, while at there weakest points giving birth. Black women are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why? Well in America black women are undervalued. They are not monitored as carefully as white women are. When they do present with symptoms, they are often dismissed or told they would heal.

Ads made in the 1900s about cleanliness of course blacks weren't clean there skin was dark.

This example is far back you say?

And if that isn't enough...

A persons life nor path should be predetermined by his or her inborn characteristics, values, or even moral traits. After all thats like saying a new life will live the same life of the ones before him or her. Or you must be a slave owner because your ancestors before you were one. Its pass time for doing better and being better as a whole. Hatred is amongst all the terms covered. Lets began with ourselves and unlearn the lies and teach and share the truths. Hatred is created by a hurt mind, lost soul, and a clueless individual. Gain knowledge not rumors. The key to learning is to look beyond what is given or set fourth in front of you, you were given a mind now use it.

Thank you for reading!!

#StopDividing#ComeTogether #LetlifeLive #Ndthebrand

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