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A Poem To My Mama❤️ Turn the Heavens Up…. (April 1,1955)

In Loving Memory Of No Division The Brands Very Own The Aprils Fools Baby Delamo! Poet,Business Partner, actress, writer,loving Mother, Sister, Friend and much much more.... A Much Brigther Light than the world could Contain. Every Year we post about each other, or you post surely about your family. You never forget too, poems and all. So this is here is for you. Fly High My Qween Love you more than you could ever know and words could ever express🙏🏽

Born: April 1st,1955-- Last Days Journey: January 2023

written by:

--Dedes Daughter (Kimberly Morrow)

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Great Rising Kings and Qweens during these times we must find our focus. Mental healing, emotional healing and cleansing is KEY. Find your PEACE and PROTECT IT... Blessings Thank you for checking in🙏

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